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Strategic Planning

Create a strategic plan from vision to action plan in 3 days and walk away from the session sure that your team is ready to implement the plan that you have co-created

Start with a Vision

Your values - your success

The founders of a software start- up wanted to start off on the right foot. We facilitated a team of 3 to co-create their mission, vision and shared values statements.
When the company expanded, we were asked back.  Results from subsequent sessions include: noticeable improvements in team communications, collaboration and problem solving outside their immediate sphere of responsibility to tackle larger team issues.

Strategic Offsite

New energy for a management team

A team of managers was disengaged due to a history of conflict with another team of managers, which led to a loss of identity and purpose.  Working with the Director, and a co-facilitator, we designed and facilitated a one-day offsite.  The team emerged from the day with a communication plan to share with their leader and the other management team, and a shared energy around a new vision for the value they provide the organization.  Results:  improved relationships with their fellow managers and their leader.  Their renewed energy also strengthened their leadership of their employees.

Strategies for Removing Obstacles

What is blocking you from achieving your objective?

The Vice President of an I.T. division wanted to improve his team's ability to deliver I.T. services to his internal customers.  We designed a three-day session that invited feedback from their customers, helped them:

  • describe a future-perfect,

  • identify what was blocking them from achieving that future, and

  • create a plan to remove those blocks to deliver better services,

This helped them improve relationships with customers and partners, and their employee teams.

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